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Preschool Teacher Job Opening



12+ units ECE (including core courses)

Current pediatric CPR and First Aid certification

Current Health & Safety Class certification

Physician’s report of good health

TB test & Fingerprint clearance


  • Work with other teachers to plan and implement age-appropriate, play-based curriculum
  • Establish and maintain a caring, developmentally appropriate, and engaging learning environment
  • Build positive relationships with children and families in program
  • Implement established behavior management strategies and discipline plan
  • Assume responsibility for the physical safety of children during school hours
  • Maintain and organize classroom supplies and activity materials
  • Maintain clean and orderly classroom and playground
  • Supervise participating family members in daily activities, classroom duties, and class meetings
  • Communicate regularly with families through letters, emails, newsletters
  • Schedule family-teacher conferences at beginning of school year; schedule follow-up conferences as necessary
  • Participate in monthly meeting with director-teacher
  • Attend board and general meetings
  • Attend school fundraisers, events and field trips
  • Comply with all licensing regulations
  • Uphold school policies and philosophy

Position Description:

We are currently looking for a 2 day class teacher. The class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-11am. Plus 1 hr of prep before and after class. The class begins September 6th 2016 but there will be a few paid meetings over the summer to prepare for the year. If interested please submit a resume to Stacy Close (Board President)

Wet Paint Design


The 4-day class did a really fun project this week for science.


  • Water
  • Shallow pan
  • Cookie sheet with sides
  • tempura paint (thinned with water)
  • pipettes
  • construction paper
  • newspaper


Wet the paper thoroughly by dipping in the pan of water. Place the wet paper on the cookie sheet. Use pipette to drop colors onto wet paper. Put on newspaper to dry.


Variations: Use different tools to apply paint such as an eyedropper, cotton swab, straw, feather, or twig.

Skills: Fine motor development. Observation of action reaction. Blending colors. Watching how the paint spreads on the wet paper.


“Now that’s using your head!”

In preschool this week, the 2 day class tried painting in a new way. At first glance, it might seem silly, but to a 3 or 4 year old it presented various challenges and a demand for overcoming what might seem like an awkward way to paint. Most of them used such concentration to paint a line or two while others came back a second and third time to master their chosen technique. What I found so enjoyable about this activity was that there was no wrong way to do it. Every child that tried could find their own measure of success.

A well known child psychologist by the name of Jean Piaget said, “The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.”

Here’s to our young ones giving us a shining example of a willingness to try something new.

IMG_0568 IMG_0581  IMG_0583  IMG_0574 IMG_0585 IMG_0570 IMG_0572IMG_0575IMG_0633 IMG_0632

Growing Independence

IMG_9888There is something so endearing about watching children see a classmate in need and take the initiative to help.

I began to wonder:

How did they become so helpful?

Did someone tell them to do that?

Did they do it naturally?

Do they see their family helping each other at home?

Over a few weeks I began to take photos and watch how the process has come to be.

The track out back offers a multitude of opportunities for the children to observe each other struggling to get up the hill. They know that it is a challenge to get the larger and heavier bikes up the hill. But it seems that they purposely choose the bigger bike that will require the help of someone else.

At the beginning of the year the children would call for an adult to push them up the hill. It was nice to see them ask for help and get some assistance. But soon it became a full time position for our parents.

I wanted to see the  children gain more independence and work together with their peers to overcome the hill. I suggested that they ask a friend for help. I suggested that they get off their bike and push it themselves. I suggested to others not riding a bike that they might look for those that need some help.

My suggestions were not popular at first. It was easier for the adults to do it. It was laborious to get off and push it themselves. It took effort to convince a friend to help them.

But after a few weeks of practice, I began to see it working. They asked their friends to help. They got off and pushed it themselves. There were others standing by waiting to help those who needed it. IMG_9887

I could see how both those who asked for help and those who helped a fellow classmate had their confidence and self-esteem grow. They began to work together with their peers and friendships were starting to form.




They enjoy the independence. It empowers them to know that they are capable of solving problems.




Jim Taylor, Ph.D. who specializes in the psychology of parenting suggests that, “Independence is not something that your children can gain on their own. They have neither the perspective, experience, nor skills to develop independence separately from you. Rather, it is a gift you give your children that they will cherish and benefit from their entire lives. You can provide your child with several essential ingredients for gaining independence:

  • Give your children love and respect.
  • Show confidence in your children’s capabilities.
  • Teach them that they have control over their lives.
  • Provide guidance and then give them the freedom to make their own decisions.”




It takes special effort on everyone’s part to cultivate this sense of independence in our children. The results will be rewarding as we help build their confidence one push up the hill at a time.

Investigation: Scented Foaming Paint

If you need some investigation pointers, look no further. The tot class are professionals. Follow these simple steps for success.

Step 1: If you don’t know what it is, look at it real close and smell it.


Step 2: Poke it with whatever is nearby.


Step 3: Try touching it with your hands.


Step 4: Get your friend to also dig it out with her hands.



Step 5: Paint with it.


Try the recipe at home.

Tempura paint matched with a packet of the same color Koolaid. Sprinkle in the KoolAid and watch the magic happen. The magic is explained HERE.


Natural Genius


In public schools, children are taught the Scientific Method in the 5th grade. But here at LCP, we have found that children are natural geniuses. The have an innate sense of discovery within them. They have the determination to work at something until they figure it out even at the age of two.

Here we have a frozen block of ice with a polar bear trapped inside.




Using their senses




Trying to get him out with sand




And some more sand.


Didn’t work? How about water?



How about 2 or 3 watering cans full of water?





How about if I stand on it?


‘Traveling Restaurants’ at Loomis Community Preschool

If you are in the neighborhood and have a hearty appetite, be sure to stop by Loomis Community Preschool during the 3/4 day class.

They are very serious about cooking, creating, and distributing their delicious meals.

The menu varies from “Healthy” Spaghetti to Meat and Carrot Soup. You can even find coffee for a mere “20..100…14,15,16 dollars.”


Customers spotted the delicious buffet of choices from as far away as the swings.


Once customers came and tried the delicious menu…

IMG_7198     IMG_7199


they decided to try out their own traveling restaurants.







Some decided to work in partnerships baking cakes


While others worked side by side selling their own creations.IMG_7208

If you are hungry, be sure to stop by!

Annual Holiday Store at Loomis Community Preschool

Please join us for our

Annual Holiday Store


December 7th 10am-1pm


-The Children’s Holiday Store


-Bake Sale

-Pictures with Santa

Let your child shop for homemade crafts for the whole family in the company of a friendly elf while you do your Christmas shopping at our raffle and bake sale.


Tickets for the Holiday Store are limited.

Call us 916-652-7842 to reserve your tickets