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‘Traveling Restaurants’ at Loomis Community Preschool

If you are in the neighborhood and have a hearty appetite, be sure to stop by Loomis Community Preschool during the 3/4 day class.

They are very serious about cooking, creating, and distributing their delicious meals.

The menu varies from “Healthy” Spaghetti to Meat and Carrot Soup. You can even find coffee for a mere “20..100…14,15,16 dollars.”


Customers spotted the delicious buffet of choices from as far away as the swings.


Once customers came and tried the delicious menu…

IMG_7198     IMG_7199


they decided to try out their own traveling restaurants.







Some decided to work in partnerships baking cakes


While others worked side by side selling their own creations.IMG_7208

If you are hungry, be sure to stop by!

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