Parent Participation

LCP is a parent cooperative preschool where you, as the parent, are an “assistant teacher.” With the guidance of our experienced and caring teachers, you will assist with classroom activities, circle time, and outside play.

As a volunteer in your child’s class, you are a vital member of our school community. In this cooperative setting, parents and children have opportunities to learn together through hands-on exploration and play, as well as build friendships and community.

We appreciate and value your participation!

Choosing a co-op preschool is a decision that requires time, energy, and commitment; however, the rewards are well worth the effort. The meaningful experiences and memories that you and your child share at LCP will last a lifetime.

Participation requirements:

*Participate in assigned classroom work days (typically once a week)

*Attend all evening parent education meetings (orientation in August, plus 3 additional meetings; adults only/no childcare)

*Participate in either set-up day or clean-up day (excluding Tot class families)

*Help with projects at one of the three Saturday morning maintenance days

*Fulfill a school job that supports the operation of the school or serve on the parent board

*Participate in two fundraisers: the Holiday Store and the Spring Dinner

Limited Participation Membership Requirements:

Limited participation memberships are available on a case-by-case basis, dependent on enrollment and subject to board approval. Those members pay an increased tuition ($110/month for 2-Day and $140/month for 3-Day, in addition to regular tuition) and are responsible for all requirements (listed above) except classroom participation.