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Why We Love Play Based Preschool

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Loomis Community Preschool! From its safe and inviting atmosphere, to its caring and compassionate teachers, to the extensive range of hands-on activities and experiences, this place is every child’s (and parent’s) dream!

The “parent co-op” idea really intrigued me because I’d always wanted to be involved in my daughter’s preschool experience, but more than that, I absolutely LOVED the family feel of all the parents and teachers working together toward the common goal of creating the happiest memories for our children. I know that we’ve made some lifelong friends in just one year of sharing this amazing experience with our close-knit LCP family.

Also, as a Human Development major and elementary school educator, I’ve always believed in nurturing children’s growth in all aspects—physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. LCP affords children this opportunity through PLAY. The children learn and grow together from their teachers, their hands-on experiences, and from each other. Whether they’re having a conversation with a friend over some pretend play doh cookies, experimenting with a wide variety of art supplies, sharing their observations of caterpillars turning into butterflies, or engaging in fantastical make-believe in full costume—children are learning and growing in so many ways, every single day, at LCP.

~Rachel, Roseville

Loomis Community Preschool was the best environment for both my boys to start their educations. The play-based learning structure encouraged the children to not only learn their lesson, but also provided an environment that encouraged them to learn how to cooperate, make independent decisions, be responsible and participate. All of these foundational learnings are critical to being able to function properly in a K-3 environment. You want your child ready to learn when they reach Kindergarten and I think that sometimes as parents we forget that the most important thing they need to learn in Pre-school is how to be ready. LCP did a wonderful job of preparing both my children and gave me the opportunity to be a part of their early development through a co-op preschool.

~Lianne, Granite Bay

I have three kids, currently 9, 12 and 12, they all three went to LCP. LCP was their first introduction to school and it kicked them off on the right education adventure. LCP’s philosophy of play based learning allowed my kids to grow socially as well as creating a strong foundation so when they entered public school they could handle it. I loved the co-op experience because of the families that we have gotten to know. I can not say enough about the positive, enthusiastic teachers at LCP. It was a GREAT experience for kids and families. Play based preschool is the way to go.

~Stacey, Granite Bay