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School Jobs

Every family at LCP is required to maintain a school job, as assigned by the Job Coordinator. Expect to spend approximately 2 hours/month or 18-20 hours/school year fulfilling your school job. Thank you for helping our school run smoothly!

ART CABINET/KITCHEN ORGANIZER (1):  Keep the art cabinets and  roll-around art cart neat and organized.  Organize the kitchen cabinets and clean the refrigerator on a weekly basis. Put completed artwork in parent pockets (especially at the end of the week). Requires organization and neatness. This job requires spending some extra time in the classroom. (Preference given to a 3-Day family.)

BOOK ORDERS/LIBRARIAN (1): Distribute Scholastic book order forms, collect money, check and place orders, and distribute books. Also, keep the book area neat and rotate books seasonally for the teachers.  Maintain and organize book cabinets in the block room on a monthly basis including labeling bookshelves.  Monitor and tidy the Little Free Library on a monthly basis. Contact teachers directly for instruction.

CLASSROOM REPRESENTATIVE (1 per class): Act as the primary coordinator for your child’s class (Tot, 2 Day, or 3 Day). Depending on the teacher’s needs, the representative may create the classroom work and snack schedules, help coordinate class field trips, organize class parties, and arrange class play dates or other outside activities. This parent will act as a resource for other parents, as well as coordinate teacher appreciation and end-of-year teacher gifts. (Preference given to returning families.)

DRAMATIC PLAY COORDINATOR (1): Prepare and set-up rotating dramatic play centers on a monthly basis. Using themes provided by the teachers, gather/source supplies, prepare props, and set-up the center in the classroom.


  • FUNDRAISING ASSISTANT (1): Assist Fundraising Chairperson as needed to plan and organize fundraisers throughout the year. This includes main school-wide fundraisers, dinner night out events, and other fundraising projects. May be asked to attend board meetings.
  • FALL CARNIVAL ASSISTANTS (3-4): With the help of the Fundraising Chairperson, plan and execute the fall carnival: organize booths, food sales, decorations, extra activities. Attend the event, including set-up and clean-up. (Event date: October 8, 2022)
  • HOLIDAY STORE ASSISTANTS (2-3):  With the help of the Fundraising Chairperson, plan and execute the Holiday Store, bake sale, and pictures with Santa. Also assist with collecting/organizing crafts and ticket sales. Attend the event, including set-up and clean-up. (Event date: December 10, 2022)
  • TRIKE-A-THON ASSISTANT (1): With the help of the Fundraising Chairperson, plan and execute the trike-a-thon in the spring. Attend the event, including set-up and clean-up. (Event held during class time, February 1 & 2, 2023)
  • SPRING DINNER & SILENT AUCTION ASSISTANTS (3-4): With the help of the Fundraising Chairperson, plan and execute the spring dinner. Help with organizing the venue, catering, soliciting donations and silent auction, entertainment, ticket sales, etc. Attend the event, including set-up and clean-up. (Event date: TBD)

GRAPHIC DESIGNER (1): Will design and create flyers and promotional materials for preschool events (Trike-A-Thon, Carnival, Holiday Store, Spring Dinner) to be used for publicity (school website, social media, banners, signs).

KITCHEN TOWELS (2-4): Rotate duty of weekly laundering all kitchen towels and aprons. (Priority given to families in the 3-Day class.)

PLAYDOUGH (2-4):  Rotate duty of making playdough on a weekly basis.  Recipes and materials provided. Playdough must be placed in the preschool kitchen no later than Thursday, for use the following week. Depending on nut allergy issues, you may be required to make playdough in the preschool kitchen.

PLAYGROUND MAINTENANCE (1): Clean and maintain the preschool playground regularly. Tidy the yard after school breaks, and keep the outside toys organized. Help organize the sand/bark workday in late August. Work closely with the Maintenance Chairperson.

SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER (1): Will photograph school-wide preschool events and fundraisers (including Trike-A-Thon, Carnival, Holiday Store, Spring Celebration) to be used for publicity (school website, social media, etc.). Take end-of-the-year group photos for each class. Coordinate fall/spring student portraits. May also be asked to provide classroom photos, as needed, for updating school website, printed materials, etc.

TEACHER ASSISTANT (2): Assist the teachers with various classroom tasks. This could include preparing materials, decorating bulletin boards, or other projects. Much of this prep work can be done at home. (Preference given to returning families.)

TOY CLEANERS (6-8): Clean and disinfect toys on a monthly basis (twice a month). Many toys can go through the dishwasher or washing machine. You will be assigned a group of toys for the duration of the school year, such as playdough tools/play food, wooden blocks, manipulatives, costumes, etc. (Priority given to first year families.)

NOTE:  Serving on the Board of Directors fulfills your school job requirement.

Updated July 2022