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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Hello, friends!

Happy Spring! The Spring Newsletter includes information from Teacher Robannie on Kindergarten readiness, plus an introduction to our newest staff member, Teacher Kellie. Teacher Kellie will be teaching next year’s Tot class, and we wanted you all to have an opportunity to “meet” her!

Last but not least, the Newsletter contains some upcoming important (and fun!) dates to keep in mind for both LCP activities and local activities for kiddos!

Download the Spring Newsletter.

Preschool Teacher Job Opening



12+ units ECE (including core courses)

Current pediatric CPR and First Aid certification

Current Health & Safety Class certification

Physician’s report of good health

TB test & Fingerprint clearance


  • Work with other teachers to plan and implement age-appropriate, play-based curriculum
  • Establish and maintain a caring, developmentally appropriate, and engaging learning environment
  • Build positive relationships with children and families in program
  • Implement established behavior management strategies and discipline plan
  • Assume responsibility for the physical safety of children during school hours
  • Maintain and organize classroom supplies and activity materials
  • Maintain clean and orderly classroom and playground
  • Supervise participating family members in daily activities, classroom duties, and class meetings
  • Communicate regularly with families through letters, emails, newsletters
  • Schedule family-teacher conferences at beginning of school year; schedule follow-up conferences as necessary
  • Participate in monthly meeting with director-teacher
  • Attend board and general meetings
  • Attend school fundraisers, events and field trips
  • Comply with all licensing regulations
  • Uphold school policies and philosophy

Position Description:

We are currently looking for a 2 day class teacher. The class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-11am. Plus 1 hr of prep before and after class. The class begins September 6th 2016 but there will be a few paid meetings over the summer to prepare for the year. If interested please submit a resume to Stacy Close (Board President)

Wet Paint Design


The 4-day class did a really fun project this week for science.


  • Water
  • Shallow pan
  • Cookie sheet with sides
  • tempura paint (thinned with water)
  • pipettes
  • construction paper
  • newspaper


Wet the paper thoroughly by dipping in the pan of water. Place the wet paper on the cookie sheet. Use pipette to drop colors onto wet paper. Put on newspaper to dry.


Variations: Use different tools to apply paint such as an eyedropper, cotton swab, straw, feather, or twig.

Skills: Fine motor development. Observation of action reaction. Blending colors. Watching how the paint spreads on the wet paper.


The Bounty of Placer County


Loomis Community Preschool (LCP) is organizing a community dinner at Casque Winery in Loomis on May 2nd.  The dinner, titled Bounty of Placer County, puts an emphasis on all things local.  It will feature food by local caterer Gourmet Garage, wine by Casque Winery, beer by local breweries, and music by a local jazz band.  The main event of the night will be a silent auction celebrating the work and goods of local artists and businesses.  The dinner is open to the public, and our hope is that it will become an annual community event.

Loomis Community Preschool (LCP) is a non-profit, co-op preschool that has served thousands of families in Placer County throughout its 40 years of service.  Funds earned at Bounty of Placer County will finance scholarships for families in need as well as supplies for curriculum development.

Please join us!  The Bounty of Placer County promises to be a great event — delicious food, good drinks, fun entertainment, and great people!  To buy tickets, use the PayPal system located on the right-hand side of this page OR call (916) 652-7842.

Additional Information and Links…

Casque Winery is located at the Flower Farm in Loomis at 9280 Horseshoe Bar Road.  They have been generous enough to donate their space for the event, as well as a portion of all wine bottle sales at the event.  Thank you, Casque!  For more information on Casque Winery, visit their website at

Silent auction contributors include:

Dessert auction contributors include Icing on the Cupcake, Ikedas, Cakes N’ Toppers, and much more!

Music by local band 4 on 6 Instrumental Jazz.

Tickets include appetizers, dinner, and two drinks!

Questions and information?  Feel free to send an email to Evin Duncan at

“Now that’s using your head!”

In preschool this week, the 2 day class tried painting in a new way. At first glance, it might seem silly, but to a 3 or 4 year old it presented various challenges and a demand for overcoming what might seem like an awkward way to paint. Most of them used such concentration to paint a line or two while others came back a second and third time to master their chosen technique. What I found so enjoyable about this activity was that there was no wrong way to do it. Every child that tried could find their own measure of success.

A well known child psychologist by the name of Jean Piaget said, “The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.”

Here’s to our young ones giving us a shining example of a willingness to try something new.

IMG_0568 IMG_0581  IMG_0583  IMG_0574 IMG_0585 IMG_0570 IMG_0572IMG_0575IMG_0633 IMG_0632

Halloween Highlights




The kids at LCP had a scary good time this Halloween!

We had pumpkins in the playdough…


ladybugs in the pumpkins…


and bumblebees in the glue.


We had carrots rooting through the sensory table…


Spiderman making a web with marbles and paint…


and ninjas wielding paint brushes.


Puppies saved firefighters…


and Peter Pan teamed up with a pirate to take the babies for a stroll.



And at our party, it didn’t matter if someone showed up in the same dress!


Children trick-or-treated around the preschool…


and were delighted by their bounty of prizes!




At circle time, children talked about whether their costumes were scary, silly, or nice…or stinky!


And Teacher Sherry got lots of help acting out a favorite not-so-scary Halloween story.


No Halloween would be complete without some yummy (and in our case, healthy!) treats.



Hurray for a great LCP Halloween!