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Tots in October

Our month in Tot class was full of exploration. We read The Sunflower House and then explored our own sunflowers. We removed the seeds ourselves and then made forts of our own just like they did in the story.


We learned about farm animals and tractors and the tracks they could make with paint and then we went to see Farmer Doug at Horton’s and rode a tractor to see the animals. We chose our own pumpkins and then cut one open and roasted the seeds for snack time.


We especially enjoyed our rainbow fizz experiment that smelled good enough to eat.


Our Halloween celebration did not disappoint, we learned to go door to door and say please and thank you for our non-candy treats!




Loomis Community Preschool Tot Class


September was an exciting month for this group of 2 year olds. They needed very little introduction to how things work at LCP as 5 of the 10 children in the class are the 2nd or 3rd sibling to come to Loomis Community Preschool. Those that were new to Loomis Community Preschool quickly learned the ropes and soon felt right at home. The first week at school they all got to work making collages, painting pictures, playing with play dough, and navigating the play yard.


 IMG_5946                            SONY DSC


Even though at 2 years old most children engage in parallel play (playing alongside one another) they no doubt enjoy the opportunity to be around each other. They begin to watch each other and copy one another.














They find ways to interact with one another such as placing their snack in a friends “trunk” while they are taking a ride.

They even defy the odds of developmental norms and sit and listen to an entire story.




Loomis Community Preschool Graduation


It seems like preschool graduation was just yesterday. We enjoyed class promotion/graduation ceremonies along with entertainment by Music Matt. He gave the kids opportunities to sing in the microphone and play the drums. The potluck was plentiful and the company wonderful as always.


We were so happy to have Teacher Robannie join us with her bundle of love to pass out certificates to her students.

1972photo copy


As we look back on our graduation from a few months ago, we wish all LCP students a wonderful start to a new school year, where ever you may be.