Now enrolling for ages 2-6!

Survey Says…!

We recently introduced surveys to our 4 & 5 year old class.  This activity always proves to be a bit hit!












The children get to choose what categories they would like in their surveys. ┬áThen either independently, or with an adult’s help, they create their survey charts.












This activity supports development of so many important skills & concepts!

It encourages communication and socialization between children…

































…it promotes development of language & literacy and math concepts…












…it builds fine motor and pre-writing skills…












…and it allows for self-expression.












And, most importantly, the children are engaged and having fun!

I love to watch them bustle around the classroom, clipboards in hand, asking their classmates to consider some thought-provoking questions:

“Do you like elephants or gorillas?”

“…cats or snails?

“…apples or bananas?”

“…caterpillars or stingrays?”

“…Luke Skywalker or Anakin?”









The children’s creativity, enthusiasm, and wonderful interactions are always a delight!