Now enrolling for ages 2-6!

The hunt is on!

Not to be outdone by the leprechauns, the Easter Bunny paid a visit to our school, leaving behind a note and supplies for a special activity!












Teacher Sherry and the 2-day class read the note together …












…and then small groups of children took turns hunting for eggs on our playground!
































The car proved to be a popular hiding place!

Children got lots of counting practice, as each child was encouraged to find seven eggs.  It was heart-warming to see that, after a child found her “quota”, she proceeded to help her classmates.  It’s an exciting thing to find an egg, and very satisfying to add it to one’s collection; yet these little people thoughtfully returned eggs to their hiding spots and called out to friends who still needed to find more!












Equally exciting to finding eggs was the act of hiding them again for the next group of classmates.

Check out these expert–and adorable–egg finders & hiders!





































All that work deserves a treat! (Thanks parents for supplying so many fun prizes!)












And no preschool day would be complete without some finger painting.  These “eggs” were thoroughly decorated!



























Happy Spring Break, everyone!!