Now enrolling for ages 2-6!

Back in action!

Hooray!  Our classroom is bustling again with children and families!

Children returning to our school for the 2nd (or even 3rd) year entered the classroom with such confidence and enthusiasm–and got right to work playing!  And new children we are welcoming for their first year entered the classroom a little cautiously, taking it all in…and then got right to work playing!

And our little preschool world is, once again, as it should be:

the mud pit has been reinstated in our sand box, and the dinosaurs are getting much needed mud baths…



















the playhouse is receiving fresh coats of (water) paint…

















kitchen gadgets are covered in tempera paint…



















markers are employed conveying all kinds of creative thoughts…








































the cash registers are full of (kid-made) money…












the watercolors are prepped and ready for mixing…












and OOBLICK (cornstarch & water) is back!












































Thank you, kids, for infusing our classroom with energy and creative play!

Thank you, families, for making all this fun possible!


One thought on “Back in action!

  • October 1, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    Rob- Lovely! Brings me back to my Montessori teaching days, and to my attempts to be a stand-alone community nursery school teacher our first year of marriage just after my Montessori training- The children will lead us! I love the mud and sand and water stuff- I would love to see you in action!

    Much love, God Daughter!



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