Family Handbook

Enrolled families:

Download the 2017-18 LCP School Handbook

Classroom Policies

For the protection, health, and safety of all children and parents at LCP, please follow these LCP policies and procedures:

Signing In & Out:

On the daily sheets, your child must be signed in and out using your full legal signature, along with the time of drop-off or pick-up.  (This is a legal form – please do not let your child write on this form.) There is a $5.00 fee each time you fail to sign your child in or out.

Authorized Pick-Up:

Children will be released only to people authorized by you on the “Identification and Emergency Information” form.  You must notify the school if you wish anyone else to pick-up your child.

Early Drop-Off:

Children are not to be dropped off early unless supervised by their parents.  The teachers and working parents need time before class to set-up the activities for the day and are unable to supervise the children.

Late Pick-Up:

Children need to be picked up by the end of class.  Late fee is $1.00 per minute after the end of class.

Siblings in the Classroom:

Working parents may not bring siblings of their enrolled children.  This is against state regulations.  One suggestion is to trade care with another parent in the classroom.  Siblings are also not allowed in the classroom after circle time, except for special occasions.  Siblings must be kept in hand at all times.

Working in the Classroom:

Working parents need to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class, as well as stay 15 minutes after the end of class, or until all cleaning is done.

If you are not able to work in the classroom on a scheduled day, you must arrange for a substitute, either by trading days with another parent or by paying a substitute.

Field Trips:

Parents are expected to pay for all field trips during the school year.  Field trips are not included in your tuition payment.


Check your child’s cubby for personal items, your assigned pocket for notices and information, the bulletin boards for upcoming events, and the tables for artwork.  Our main communication is by email.  If you don’t use email, please let the Board and the Teachers know.

 Health Forms and Records:

All required forms must be completed BEFORE the first day of school.  This is a state regulation.  The child will not be allowed to attend without all forms on file.  This includes the Parental Authorization for Emergency Medical Care and proof of a negative TB test within the last year for the participating parent.  Anyone who will be participating with the child needs to have a TB test on file.

In addition, all participating parents/adults working in the preschool classroom are required to provide proof of measles and pertussis vaccinations before the start of school. Proof of an influenza vaccine (or a written decline) is required by December 2 of the current school year.


If you are withdrawing your child from the school, a two-week written notice must be given to the teacher. All commitments are to be fulfilled during this two week period:  this includes tuition, classroom work days, job commitments, and any fundraising event commitments that fall within the 2-week period.

If a two-week written notice is not given, tuition for the following month is owed.

Dress Code:

Children should be dressed in play clothes appropriate for current weather conditions that can get dirty, as children will be painting, gluing, playing with sand and water, inside and out.  They should wear loose-fitting clothes, so as not to confine play, and sturdy shoes for running, climbing, and riding bikes.

Parents working in the classroom should keep in mind that they will also be exposed to painting, gluing, sand, water, etc. and should dress accordingly.

(NOTE: Please mark all clothing with your child’s name and periodically check the Lost & Found Box.)


When making payments to LCP, please note the exact reason for payment, i.e. tuition, fundraising event, field trip, etc.  Clearly marked payments help the Treasurer and Bookkeeper credit payments properly.  Checks are preferred to cash for record-keeping purposes.

No Nut Policy:  Because some children can have a serious allergic reaction to peanuts, LCP has a school-wide no nut policy.  Please do not bring any foods containing nuts, nut butters, or products produced in a facility that also processes tree nuts/peanuts. Please read labels carefully!


If your child has a toilet accident while at school, he/she will not be scolded.  We remind the child to get dry clothing on to be more comfortable.  Spare clothes can be found in the dresser in the bathroom.  Please wash and return these borrowed clothes to the drawer. There are not separate boy and girl bathrooms.

Adult bathrooms are located by the Church office.

Children who are not potty trained:

LCP does not have the facilities to change diapers.  If your child is not potty trained, you will be responsible for changing his/her diaper, or arrangements must be made with another parent to assume this responsibility. Diapers are to be disposed of in the dumpster in the parking lot.  They are not allowed to be put in the inside garbage can.

Outside Promotions/Selling Products:

The purpose and focus of LCP is to provide child-centered, quality preschool education.  Please do not advertise any outside fundraising or other income-producing events without prior board approval.

Party Invitations:

Invitations to parties  are not to be handed out at school unless it includes the whole class.